Dropper cijev SW 100

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  • 27.2 mm:  10-15 DANA
  • 30.9 mm:  10-15 DANA
  • 31.6 mm:  10-15 DANA
  • 34.9 mm:  10-15 DANA


The SW 100 mm seatpost is definitely the reference telescopic seatpost suitable for most cyclists, the 100 mm travel is a standard that fits perfectly with the geometry of any bike. Designed for bikes with internal cable routing.

The SW 100 seatpost is available in all popular diameters so that it can be used on any frame with internal cable routing.

The short travel of 100 mm makes the seatpost particularly suitable for frames with little overhang and for smaller sizes, in particular by shortening the travel the entire seatpost is shortened so that it can also be used on frames with limited space.


Diameters34.9 - 31.6 - 30.9 - 27.2 mm

Total length: 360 -370 - 370 - 400 mm

Frame insertion: 200 -180 - 180 - 215 mm

Weight:  580 g (34.9) - 530 g (27.2) - 490 g (30.9, 31.6)

Remote weight (included): 90 g

Operation is guaranteed by a sealed cartridge, which makes maintenance quick and easy, and with our service kits you can easily and inexpensively replace the cartridge and all the components inside the seatpost.

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Dimensions and overall dimensions