SMART - Stražnje svjetlo

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Product description 

The SKUAD Smart Rear Light Red is a revolutionary lighting solution for bike enthusiasts who demand superior visibility and safety on the roads. This high-performance bike light features bright, red LED lights that can be seen from up to 2 km away, making it ideal for both daytime and nighttime riding.

The SKUAD Smart Rear Light Red is also designed to be ultra-lightweight and fully adjustable, so you can customize your lighting experience to suit your riding conditions and personal preferences. It can be easily attached to your bike using a durable mounting bracket, and is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery for maximum convenience and reliability.

With its intuitive smartphone app and advanced Bluetooth connectivity, the SKUAD Smart Rear Light Red allows you to remotely control your light settings and monitor your battery life from your mobile device. You can also use the app to activate various lighting modes, including flashing, strobe, and steady, to make sure you stay visible even in the most challenging riding conditions.

So if you're looking for an innovative and reliable lighting solution for your bike, look no further than the SKUAD Smart Rear Light Red. With its cutting-edge design, superior performance, and user-friendly features, this bike light is the perfect choice for anyone who is serious about cycling.


  • USB punjenje
  • LED svjetlo
  • 30 Lumena
  • Otporno na kišu
  • 330 mAh
  • 8 funkcija
  • Jednostavno montiranje na cijev sjedala (bez alata) 
  • Izuzetno vidljivo 
  • Odlično i za vožnje po danu