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Sidi Eagle 10 MTB Shoes - black

The Eagle 10 is the latest product upgrade of the perfect all-round shoe from Sidi and offers, in addition to the usual good power transmission, a number of well thought-out details. Equipped with the MTB RS17 sole, which provides even more grip with plastic inserts, its excellent fit and stability is further enhanced by features such as the Soft Instep System 4 and the Tecno 3 closure system. The dirt-repellent Microtech upper makes the Eagle 10 a born companion in rough MTB use.

MTB RS17 Sole

Nylon sole with grippy synthetic inserts. The sole was specially developed for mountain biking and offers extremely good grip, high stability and prevents mud from sticking. The SIDI logo in the middle sole area provides even more traction. The RS17 combines extremely high stiffness when pedalling with the necessary flexibility in running passages. Replaceable tread insert in the toe area and inserts for optional cleats.

Tecno 3 System

Comfortable and ergonomic shoe fixation over the entire length of the shoe by means of nylon cable and twist lock. Millimetre-precise adjustment.

Soft Instep 4

A narrower and lighter development of the Soft Instep 3 System. The anatomically shaped instep band ensures optimum adjustment and even pressure distribution on the instep of the foot. Adjustable on both sides via the TECNO-3 twist closure.

Microtech upper material

A dirt-repellent and particularly environmentally friendly upper material, which impresses with its high robustness, breathability, water resistance and colour fastness.

Photoluminescent upper

The photoluminescent material absorbs daylight and emits it again in the dark. So glow-in-the-dark shoes provide the best eco-friendly visibility at night.

Rubber Toe

Integrated rubber toe cap for effective protection against impact and abrasion.