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With the Deore cassette CS-M6100, Shimano introduces the 12th sprocket for the inexpensive Deore beginner groupset. As with the top component series, the Hyperglide+ shifting aid construction ensures particularly smooth and quiet gear changes, even under load. The largest sprocket has 51 teeth, the smallest only 10, so this cassette is only compatible with Shimano Micro-Spline freehubs.


Application: All Mountain, Cross Country, Enduro
Gearing: 12-speed
Gradation: 10-51
Sprocket Material: steel
Freehub Compatibility: Shimano Micro Spline

Technical Information:

Series: Deore M6100
Spider: 1 (aluminium)
Recommended Chain: HG+ 12-speed (e.g. CN-M6100)


- 12-speed Hyperglide+ cassette for fast, smooth gear changes, even under heavy load
- for 1x12-speed
- 10 t sprocket as smallest sprocket, possible due to new freehub construction (Micro Spline)
- light, stiff Beam-Spider construction
- plated sprocket and lockring, painted spider


Hyperglide+ / HG+
Hyperglide+ is the efficient further development of the Hyperglide system by Shimano. These are shifting aids and specially shaped sprocket teeth that make shifting to larger or smaller sprockets suppler, smoother and quieter. The system of small rivets and ramps machined or pressed into the side of the sprocket ensures that the chain is taken along by the next sprocket before it leaves the previous sprocket. Hyperglide+ is optimised for faster shifting and shifting under load and, in combination with an HG+ chain, has more efficient chain connection, retention force and power transmission. Compared to Hyperglide, the shifting time is reduced by one third and the pedal stroke is noticeably reduced. It enables completely new chain stability and thus offers a safe riding experience even on the roughest terrain.

Micro Spline
Micro Spline is the name of the latest tooth profile on Shimano freehub bodies. All Shimano 12-speed cassettes with a 10-speed sprocket are equipped with Micro Spline freehub toothing. The significantly higher and finer toothing enables a stiffer connection between the cassette and the hub body. The resulting increased contact area ensures reliable power transmission, minimises wear and prevents deformation of the freehub and sprocket.


Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51 t
Manufacturer Number: I-CSM610012051