TRENTA 3K CARBON MIPS - Vanilla Ice Gold

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MET Trenta 3K Carbon Mips® is the most advanced cycling helmet ever made, now upgraded with the addition of Mips AIR®, the lightest and most advanced rotational management system.

Setting new standards in quality, MET has constructed their elite helmet with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner and this super lightweight design includes damping properties that aid in dissipating impact shock without weighing you down. Thanks to the 3K carbon composition, MET's research and development team were able to reduce the EPS foam liner by 20% without compromising the helmet's capacity to absorb impact energy. Proving to be dramatically lighter than the traditional designs, the Trenta conceals a carbon cage within the EPS liner which links the paralleled ribs to the centre of the helmet for an improved structural shell with excellent ventilation. The in-mould polycarbonate shell increases strength and durability.

Understanding that ventilation is crucial to optimise comfort, MET has constructed their elite helmet with 19 vents that promote all-round airflow for a dry cool ride, without knocking the aerodynamic performance. In fact, the shaping of this helmet delivers up to 7% reduced drag when riding in a group, giving you a significant advantage in comparison to traditional road helmets.

Delivering the ultimate in customisable fit, the featured Safe-T Orbital system enables micro-adjustments to the vertical and occipital elements of the securing frame, allowing changes to the width and depth of the inner frame providing flexible adjustments for most if not all head shapes. MET's attention to detail completes their top of the shelf helmet, with Air Lite straps and Air Mesh comfort pads increasing comfort.


  • 3K Carbon Technology, embedded carbon fibre cage to enhance the performance of the shell
  • Mips AIR® rotational management system engineered to add protection and save weight
  • Exceptionally comfortable and secure on the head thanks to refined internal shape
  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • MET Safe-T Orbital Fit System
  • 360° Head belt, vertical and occipital adjustments leave you with an individual fit
  • Air Lite straps with adjustable divider to maximise aerodynamic and comfort
  • 19 Vents, engineered internal air channeling system to improve ventilation and comfort
  • Sunglasses ports to securely dock sunglasses when climbing or resting
  • Tube-shaped Kamm virtual foil tail to improve aerodynamics
  • Rear deflector to enable a constant airflow in riding position
  • Limited head contact surface to maximise ventilation
  • Reflective rear decals to enhance visibility in low-light conditions
  • Helmet soft bag included
  • Certifications CE, AS/NZS, US


The lightest and most advanced rotational management system.
Mips® is a rotational management system that improves thesafety of helmets by absorbing some of the forces caused in impacts that can twist and spin your head, often causing brain injury even when there’s no visible damage to your head.

These kinds of crashes are common in cycling, where coming off a bike often involves awkward landings. Rotational impacts cause rapid acceleration then deceleration of your brain within your skull, this can cause significant damage. Mips® is designed to reduce these dangerous forces by absorbing the rotation in an impact.

Most Mips® systems use a shearing layer, made of polycarbonate plastic that sits between the helmet and the padding. Our helmets are designed with consideration of how the Mips® system will fit, making them more comfortable with minimal impact on the helmet’s performance.

With Mips® Air, that integration becomes even better. The Mips® protection is built into the pads without the need for an additional layer, meaning that the helmet’s full ventilation and fit system is completely unhindered and that there is virtually no additional weight.