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DARIMO CARBON je mala španjolska tvrka, ali naveliko poznata po izradi ultralaganih komponenti (volani, lule volana, cijevi sjedala i obujmice) odnosno najlakših komponenti na svijetu. Komponente osim što su vrlo lagane i optimirane, vrlo su sigurne za korištenje budući da su podvrgnute brojnim testiranjima, kako na računalima, tako i u laboratoriju, i konačno na terenu. O kvaliteti ovih vrhunskih proizvoda dovoljno govori što ih koriste neka od najvećih imena svjetskog biciklizma. U nastavku su specifikacije preuzete sa službene DARIMO web stranice.





We introduce the Darimo T2 SB  with 15mm setback  Seatpost in which we have studied and designed all its parts to achieve a record weight (117 g in 400mm lenght).

The main post is made of carbon fiber using bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with an studied asymmetrical laminate to achieve the optimum combination of minimum weight and maximum of resistance.

Each seatpost is laminated by hand to achieve a record weight keeping in mind the strength and your safety. To do this, at each point of the seatpost there are a different numbers and arrangements of carbon fiber layers. The layers arrangement is obtained after finite elements analysis and destructive testing.

The connection parts with the saddle have a large contact surface without sharp edges so it is suitable for any type of rails, including carbon rails 7 * 9mm.

Finishing: Bright – Mat, Bidirectional or unidirectional (+4g), customizable decals colours.

Riders weight limit: The Darimo T2 Seatpost is safe and has passed the standard ISO 4210 tests, however it is not recommended for more than 90 kg.

Use: Road, Cyclocross and MTB.

Diameter: 31.6 mm 30.9mm, 27.2 mm.

Max. standard length: 400mm. Max custom length 500mm.

Custom fabrication: Exact length,  increased or reduction of clamping range.

Default color of the logo is stealth black, but there is available a logo decal in many different colors, so you can choose color you want and tape it over those default black logo.


-Post: Unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fiber fabrics.

-Barrels: Anodized 7075 T6 Alu.

-Bolts: Ti Gr5 M5.

-Cradle: Unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fiber fabrics.


31,6  –  400mm    117g

30.9  –  400mm    117g

27.2  –  400mm    117g

Choose your seatpost length:   

To choose the proper seatpost length, measure the length of your seatpost out of the frame. Measure from seatclamp to saddle rails. Then choose the appropriate size in the following table. If there are two possibilities it is recommended to take into account the variation and use of the bicycle by different riders. If you need a larger or smaller size, please contact us to prepare a seatpost as up to 500 mm or even longer.


If you want a personalized seatpost length, only for you and your bike, the seatpots will be weightless. Weight reduction >5g.

Are you heavier than 90 kg?, contact us. We’ll make a personalized seatpost, adding less than 15g in 400 mm length.