Carbon Gravel Ellipse Handlebar
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DARIMO CARBON je mala španjolska tvrka, ali naveliko poznata po izradi ultralaganih komponenti (volani, lule volana, cijevi sjedala i obujmice) odnosno najlakših komponenti na svijetu. Komponente osim što su vrlo lagane i optimirane, vrlo su sigurne za korištenje budući da su podvrgnute brojnim testiranjima, kako na računalima, tako i u laboratoriju, i konačno na terenu. O kvaliteti ovih vrhunskih proizvoda dovoljno govori što ih koriste neka od najvećih imena svjetskog biciklizma. U nastavku su specifikacije preuzete sa službene DARIMO web stranice.



A different concept for your Gravel bike, a very comfortable, light and strong handlebar.

The Darimo Ellipse Gravel handlebar shares the same shapes as the Ellipse road handlebar but with an expanded width of 500mm.
It has a different reinforced laminate for the most intense use off-road, but maintaining a lightweight of just 187 grams.

The 500mm width provides a high control of the bicycle when you ride at top part. It’s made without flare then the position of the hands is more natural when it is taken from the bottom.

The handlebar is entirely made of carbon fiber, with an exclusive combination of bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with the appropriate orientation to achieve the best weight-resistance-stiffness ratio without ever neglecting safety. The adequate arrangement of the fiber layers has been achieved after finite element calculations and destructive tests.

This type of laminate can only be achieved with a completely handmade construction with a location of the carbon layers made by hand on each handlebar, with a different number and arrangement of layers at each point to maximize strength / weight.

The upper part has a flat shape to increase comfort during pedaling hours. In the lower part it has external grooves for the passage of the brake and shift cables.

Measures: 500mm C-C. With a “compact” shape it has 77mm reach and 128mm drop.

Finish: There are four possible finishes with the combination of Gloss or matte, bidirectional (3k) or unidirectional. The Unidirectional version, only in the central part, has an increase in weight of about 8 grams.

Weight limit: The Darimo handlebar is safe and exceeds the tests of ISO 4210, so it is valid for a set weight (bicycle, cyclist, luggage) of maximum 110 kg. In the case of cyclists with a weight greater than 90kg, we recommend the reinforced version to obtain an increase in stiffness.

Use: Road, gravel, CX.

Di2 version: There is a possibility, on demand, of manufacturing the handlebar with holes for the internal guidance of the Di2 electronic transmission cables. In that case it is necessary to specify where the holes are needed. It involves an increase in weight depending on the number of holes since these areas must be reinforced.


If you want a more reinforced handlebar, no weight limit, or even exclusive optimization to further reduce weight, contact us and we will produce an exclusive handlebar for you. As it is produced in a totally manual way, we can adapt to the needs of the users.

Weight (+-3%): 500mm - 187 grams.