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The Sidi Trace 2 mountain bike shoe is a real allrounder. As the sole is made of a combination of carbon and nylon making it rigid enough for the advanced cyclist but comfortable enough for the novice cyclist to start of with. The shoes are easy to adjust thanks to the tecno- 3 closure on top of the foot. Additionally, the 2 velcro straps are modified by Sidi. They are thinner for even better comfort while cycling. The upper part of the shoe is made of Politex material. This is made up of multiple layers which enhances the durability of the shoe. Making the Sidi Trace 2 MTB shoes extra durable and tough!


Soft Instep 3 system
Anatomically shaped, comfortable strap across the foot combined with a soft and thermoplastic upper. The strap evenly distributes the pressure across the foot arch, can be adjusted on both sides to create a perfectly centred fit, and is replaceable.

Velcro strap
This velcro strap has plastic teeth that interlock when the strap is closed. This makes it safer and the strap will not move.

Tecno-3 system
The Tecno-3 mechanism allows you to secure the shoe across the entire length, enabling it to fully form to the contours of your foot and creating a personalised fit. The reliable and replaceable retention system has been further improved with a new wire, making it easier to adjust the fit on the go.

MTB SR17 sole
This sole is made of carbon and is reinforced with nylon. It offers a lot of grip in rough conditions and also provides more security when clicking in the pedals. The MTB SR17 Carbon sole has the right balance between stiffness and suppleness, giving you more stability and better power transmission.