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PD-GR500 Flat Pedals
The PD-GR500 platform pedal from Shimano is designed for trail and all-mountain use and has an excellent price-performance ratio. It has nine height-adjustable and interchangeable pins per side and, together with the concave platform, offers very good grip and great comfort on and off the track.

High quality and affordable trail/AM platform pedals from Shimano: the PD-GR 500

SHIMANO Platform pedals are engineered to deliver the ideal balance of connection to the bike, pedaling stability, and on and of the bike freedom. Pedal body shape and pin placement ensure riders have a direct and secure connection to the pedal, maximizing both control and pedaling efficiency.

The pedals feature a concave surface (lower in the center and higher in the front/rear) to further enhance shoe to pedal interface and grip. Adjustable pins offer even more connection. Materials, construction, shape, and thickness are all carefully considered to engineer a platform pedal with the best balance of lightweight, low Q-Factor, and durability across riding conditions.

Features - Shimano Flat Pedals PD-GR500

  • Concave contact patch for better grip, more comfort on long rides and efficient pedalling
  • Strong, durable chromoly axle with low-maintenance sealed compact bearing
  • 9 height adjustable, bottom-loading replaceable pins

Product features

  • Use: MTB All Mountain, Trail, Enduro, BMX
  • Model: PD-GR500
  • Type: Flat Pedal
  • Mechanism sealed: Yes
  • Pins: 9 pins per platform
  • Dimensions: approx. 90 x 90 x 22mm
  • Optional reflector: SM-PD64 (Not included!)


  • Pedal body: Aluminum Painted
  • Pedal axle: Chromoly Steel



  • 535g pair (manufacturer information)