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Superior in quality, this lightweight and robust helmet has been developed from an in-mould process that bonds the tough polycarbonate shell to the impact damping EPS foam liner. With weight reducing properties that don't compromise on strength or protection, this process leaves room for improved ventilation and an increasingly minimal, non-bulky design.

Featuring paralleled ribs that improve the aerodynamic silhouette of the helmet, this design consists of 19 air vents that allow a consistent flow of cooling air. Retaining the streamlined quality of this helmet, this 19 vent design boasts to reduce drag up to 7% in group rides; so you are sure to gain an advantage in both training and racing.

Presenting an almost tailored to fit feel, the featured Safe-T Orbital system offers several micro-adjustable changes, so you can achieve a truly comfortable and unrivalled fit. Adjustments can be made to the vertical and occipital elements of the fitting system so this helmet sits securely upon your head without the risk of pressure point build up.

With comfort at the forefront of their design, MET have equipped their performance helmet with their top of the line Air Lite straps and Air Mesh comfort pads. Cushioning and dissipating pressure, whilst actively wicking moisture away from the scalp, the Air Mesh comfort pads provide desirable comfort fit for races, endurance and even leisurely rides.



  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Safe-T Upsilon fit system
  • Vertical adjustment
  • 360° headbelt
  • Internal air-channeling
  • 18 vents
  • NACA Vent
  • Sunglasses ports
  • Hand washable comfort pads
  • Air Lite straps
  • Adjustable cam divider
  • Reflective rear stickers
  • Helmet soft bag
  • Designed & Engineered in Italy