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Description of Bluegrass Legit Carbon MIPS Fullface Helmet - black matt

The Bluegrass Legit Carbon is the prime-version beneath the field of full-face helmets. Rooted in racing, developed for toughest competition, it is connecting quality with safety, while fullfilling every safety certificate needed for enduro and dh-races with optimum value. For further protection, it is compatible with neck brace.

Furthermore the Bluegrass Legit Carbon protects the neck via his flexible visor with integrated safety-release, which opens on impact and prevents the neck effectively from twisting. A handmade outer carbon shell in combination with a multi-impact EPS-inner shell provide maximum safety, whilst ensuring as little weight as possible.

Features of Bluegrass Legit Carbon

  • Chin guard
  • inner and outer carbon shell
  • compatibility with inflatable emergency release system
  • hand washable straps
Thanks to special hearing vents neither hearing abilty nor sense of balance are effected negatively.

Through connection of two large exhausts with EPS-channels inside, the best ventilation and easy breathing is guaranteed, even if the athlete hits its performance limit.

Even when it comes to durability the Bluegrass Legit Carbon performs on highest levels. Through an injected PU foam paired with the chin guard and three polycarbonate shells strategically moulded on the EPS liner, durability and quality are maximized. Even so, there is no decrease in comfort. Thanks to its meticulously refined internal shape, it is a fit for every shape and size. A snap-in soft padding boosts the comfort to maximum level.

Safety and proper fit
Through usage of composite carbon with EPS liner and a Mips E2 shell maximum security is ensured.

Visor and Ventilation
15 vents combined with the safety-release visor system, which uses anti-twisting felxible visors,guarantees free sight and maximum ventilation for it's user.

Active safety Technology
Loss of surrounding noises is prevent via active safety technology, thus your safety isn't restrained.


A (cm) 52/54 54/56 56/58 58/60 60/62
Weight (g) 1100 1100 1100 1200 1200