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Description of Bluegrass Legit Fullface Helmet - black texture

The new Bluegrass Legit full-face helmet is an outstanding helmet, with design originating from racing. Many features that are useful and beloved in racing are combined in this one, without crushing your purse completely. His flexible Visor is connected to a safety-release to avoid twisting of the neck in impacts from any angle.

Features of the Bluegrass Legit helmet:

  • Eps Liner
  • Double-D-buckle
  • Mx Sytlestraps
  • comfort:fully removable snap-in padding
  • hand washable straps
  • 11 vents combined with a breathable chin guard equals a decent ventilation
His construction is directly inspired by racing, as you can see at his two shells. His fiberglass outer shell connects with a multi-impact inner shell, creating a light, yet very durable protection. High quality materials meet intelligent design,whereby he exceeds every safety certification performance wise.

But its not just design and quality that are stressed here, same goes for safety and functionality. For example, hearing is not distorted and there are no negative affects to balance, since he has special hearing vents.

The synergy of two big exhaust holes and the inner vents guarantee a refreshing feeling at both low and high speed. As you can see, decent ventilation is a major part in it's design. His breathable chin guard, hosting three wide vents, makes up for easy ventilation and allows you to breathe easily, even if you reach your performance limit.

Last but not least there's even comfort connected to the Bluegrass Legit. Due to it's meticulously refined internal shaping,it fits every head shape and size. The intelligent design serves maintenance as well. The removeable and washable soft padding extends the life of the helmet overall.


A (cm) 52/54 54/56 56/58 58/60 60/62
Weight (g) 1100 1100 1100 1200 1200